Robert E Cleaves

Gordon F Grimes
Bob Cleaves is a Managing Director and co-Founder of Stratex Energy, LLC.

Bob is an environmental entrepreneur and a pioneer in creating business opportunities
around sustainable business practices. He founded New England’s first wetlands bank,
negotiated the nation’s largest trade of renewable energy credits from biomass, and has
counseled Fortune 500 companies on a broad range of green initiatives.

After practicing law for nearly two decades including three years as a federal prosecutor,
Bob left the practice to focus exclusively on the renewable energy sector, specifically
waste-to-energy and biomass. His knowledge and experience in both the development process
and renewable markets is well known throughout the industry. He leads the efforts of the
USA Biomass Power Alliance, a national coalition of biomass generators. USA Biomass members
represent over 1,300 MW of installed capacity and are the largest consumers of biomass feedstock
in the nation. In addition, he has managed the renewable energy credit portfolio for
Wheelabrator Technologies, and also assisted its parent, Waste Management, Inc., in various
incentive programs and development efforts.

Bob is a frequent lecturer on renewable energy. Most recently, he chaired the Platts Biomass Forum,
and has appeared on panels at ACORE (WIREC, 2008) and Biocycle (2007).

He is on the Board of the New England Clean Energy Council, Maine Audobon, and
Greater Portland Landmarks. Previously, he served on the Massachusetts Biomass Working Group,
the GIS Working Group, and the PJM GATS Working Group.